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Work Specifications, Charles Thompson - Walter Estes
Work Specifications, Charles Thompson - Walter Estes
Dimensions: 12 x 10 in. (30.5 x 25.4 cm)
Medium: paper and ink
Credit Line: Old State House Museum Collection
Description: Charles Thompson work specifications for a residence five miles south of Scott, Arkansas for Walter Estes No Date No Address Constructing a one story brick veneer house. Payments for the construction are to be made once every two weeks. Trees will be cut down and removed. Chimneys and 8'' walls will be constructed according to the drawings. Tile floors will be used in the bathrooms. All outside wood and metal will have three coats of oil and lead paint. The contractor will spend $75.00 on finishing hardware. A water well will be drilled. There are 8 scanned pages.

Object Number: 2007.136.03.1-8